Travel Tips


Do not smoke where it is not allowed. Many countries in Europe have a strict no-smoking policy in restaurants, bars, clubs, on trains/buses and other public transport. It is furthermore often forbidden to smoke inside railway stations and at the entrance of some buildings. On long flights take chocolate or other sweets with you that may be able to keep you off cigarettes for longer.

Please drink enough to keep fit and alert. Especially in cold weather you probably feel less thirsty but you should still make sure to drink regularly. Drink alcohol moderately, save your energy for travelling adventures, it will be needed.

Mountain Excursion Tips

  • check the weather forecast carefully and dress appropriately
  • wear appropriate clothing when travelling to the mountains.

in summer: long-sleeved clothes and a light jacket (preferably water-repellent), hiking shoes or similar shoes with a suitable profile for walking in the mountains

in winter: winter jacket (preferably water-repellent and with hood), winter sweater, long-sleeved warm shirt, long warm pants, long underpants (to make you feel extra warm), thick woollen socks (or two pair of regular socks worn at the same time), gloves, hat or headband, water-repellent high hiking shoes or water-repellent winter boots.

  • Always follow the instructions of your tour guide. Do not venture out to unknown and potentially dangerous places. When taking pictures always watch your steps.
  • Protect yourself against sunburn. The highest risk for sunburn is at high altitudes with few clouds in spring. Please take extra care in those conditions. Use sunscreen or long-sleeved clothes and a hat that gives shadow to all your face.

Tipping in Europe is not as automatic and as generous as it is in the United States, and in many countries, they are not expected at all. At restaurants, check the menu to see if service is included; if it is not, a tip of 5-10% is normal. In most places, 10% is a big tip. Tipping is an issue only at restaurants that have waiters and waitresses. If you order your food at a counter (in a pub, for example), you are not expected to tip.

Responsible Travel Tips

  • Please respect people, the environment, and the culture.
  • Please keep your voice low when talking in public and on the phone. In many countries in Europe talking loud in public is considered rude.
  • Please do not litter and dispose of your garbage in a designated place or container. Most countries in Europe separate trash. Please dispose of your garbage in the correct containers.
  • Please bring your own water bottles to refill especially if travelling to Switzerland. Water from the tap is safe to drink anywhere in Switzerland. In most other places in Europe water from the tap is safe to drink too without boiling.
  • Please dress appropriately when visiting religious places such as churches. Many churches have dress codes, for example, you are not allowed to enter if wearing shorts, tank tops, sandals, hats or sunglasses even in summer.
  • Please do not take a photo of anyone without kindly asking first.