Off Joy Travel Souvenirs

OFF_JOY launches Luxury Travel Souvenirs for the Discerning Traveler
We are excited to announce the launch of our travel souvenir brand OFF_JOY. Founded in May 2024, OFF_JOY is designed to recall your precious moments spent travelling in a faraway country. OFF_JOY creates clothing and accessories for the curious and melancholic traveller with a sense of luxury and timeless elegance.

Inspired by the World, Crafted for you
Elie Grandjean, the creative director at OFF_JOY, draws inspiration from his extensive travels and a keen eye for aesthetics that seamlessly blend the classic and the contemporary. With his rich experience in luxury fashion design, Grandjean translates his vision into unique and stylish travel keepsakes featuring contemporary and sophisticated graphics.

Beyond the Destination: A Statement of Style
OFF_JOY goes beyond the typical souvenir, transcending mere location markers. These travel companions are designed to be elegant expressions of your unique style. Owning an OFF_JOY piece allows you to carry a touch of your journey with pride long after your adventure has come to a close.


For its inaugural collection, OFF_JOY has partnered with tour operator SUISSEPLUS TRAVEL to create a captivating series of t-shirts and accessories. The collection draws inspiration from vintage tourism posters blending their nostalgic charm with a modern minimalist aesthetic. The first wave of t-shirts is slated for a summer 2024 launch, with a sneak peek of the collection available for browsing in the gallery.

Embrace the Journey, Elevate Your Style with OFF_JOY
Join OFF_JOY on a journey of rediscovering travel souvenirs. With luxurious pieces that capture the essence of your adventures and celebrate your discerning taste, OFF_JOY promises to elevate your travel style and leave you with lasting memories.