Lake Como: Highlights Tour with a Local by Private Car

Your expert local tour guide & driver will show you the best parts of Lake Como, including many hidden secrets you can’t find easily on your own. On this road trip by private car, you will be able to see a lot of sightseeing points within a short timeframe. Apart from explaining the sightseeing points your guide can provide insight into the history and culture of the region and the country Italy in general. The focus of this tour is to see the area like a local. However, this private tour can be customised according to your wishes. Sightseeing points to visit can be agreed upon in advance or discussed when meeting up.

view from Pigra

• Explore hidden secrets and feel like a local
• See the main sightseeing places at Lake Como such as Bellaggio
• Explore hidden secrets such as the villages Pigra and Nesso
• Unlimited km of driving included
• Fully customizable itinerary

Standard sightseeing places we can visit during the tour are:
Bellaggio: the most famous town on the lake
Varenna: one of the most beautiful towns of Lake Como
Comacina Island / Lido di Ossuccio: perfect place for for swimming
Villa Carlotta: explore the villa and the beautiful botanical gardens
Villa del Balbianello: famous Star Wars scene was filmed here
Menaggio: lakeside town with good swimming places

Some examples of hidden secrets can visit:
Argegno: charming town with few tourists
Laglio: village where George Clooney lives
Monte Galbiga: best views over Lake Como
Pigra: serene mountain village
Nesso: a very picturesque village
Orrido di Bellano: river gorge & waterfall
Sormano: drive the scenic mountain pass road at Sormano
Chiesa di San Martino at Griante: hike 2 hours to this church steep in the cliffs above the lake

Please note that visiting all the sightseeing places listed here is not guaranteed. How many places you can visit depends on the length of the tour booked and how much time you spend at each place. After booking you can discuss the detailed itinerary with your guide.

GROUP SIZE: A group size of 1-8 people is ideal for this tour. The tour can also be organized for bigger groups with small changes made to the itinerary.

  • Local tour guide & driver
  • Itinerary planning (tour is fully customizable)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • VAT and all taxes
  • Food and drinks
  • Tickets for attractions that require entry fees such as museums (optional)
  • Tips


BOOKABLE LANGUAGES: English, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese

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Gavino Strebel (Tour Leader)
Landline: +41 62 897 39 60
Mobile: +41 79 782 20 68
WhatsApp: +41 79 782 20 68
Languages spoken: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish


13:00-13:40: driving Como – Nesso
13:40-13:50: NESSO
13:50-14:20: driving Nesso – Bellaggio
14:20-16:00: BELLAGGIO
16:00-17:00: driving Bellaggio – Como

13:00-13:40: driving Como – Nesso
13:40-13:50: NESSO
13:50-14:20: driving Nesso – Bellaggio
14:20-15:30: BELLAGGIO
15:30-16:00: ferry Bellaggio – Cadenabbia
16:00-17:00 driving Cadendabbia – Como with short stops outside VILLA CARLOTTA & at LIDO DI OSSUCCIO (Ossuccio Beach)

10:00-10:20: driving Como – Laglio
10:20-10:30: LAGLIO
10:30-10:40: driving Laglio – Argegno
10:40-11:00: ARGEGNO
11:00-11:10: driving Argegno – Ossuccio
11:10-11:30: LIDO DI OSSUCCIO (Ossuccio Beach)
11:30-12:00: driving to Lenno, LENNO
12:00-13:00: driving to Villa Carlotta, VILLA CARLOTTA
13:00-13:30: ferry Cadenabbia – Bellaggio
13:30-15:30: BELLAGGIO
15:30-16:00: driving Bellaggio – Nesso
16:00-16:20: NESSO
16:20-17:00: driving Nesso – Como

10:00-10:30: driving Como – Argegno
10:30-10:50: ARGEGNO
10:50-11:00: driving Argegno – Ossuccio
11:00-11:15: LIDO DI OSSUCCIO (Ossuccio Beach)
11:15-11:45: driving to Lenno, LENNO
11:45-13:00: driving to Villa Carlotta, VILLA CARLOTTA
13:00-13:10: driving to Menaggio
13:10-14:30: lunch in MENAGGIO & swimming in the lake
14:30-15:00: ferry Menaggio – Varenna
15:00-16:30: VARENNA
16:00-17:00: ORRIDO DI BELLANO (Gorge of Bellano)
17:00-18:00: driving Orrido di Bellano – Como

10:00-11:00: driving Como – Pigra
11:00-11:15: PIGRA
11:15-12:00: driving Pigra – Monte Galbiga (Rifugio Venini)
12:00-12:30: MONTE GALBIGA (Galbiga Mountain)
12:30-13:45: driving Monte Galbiga (Rifugio Venini) – Argegno
13:45-14:00: ARGEGNO
14:00-14:10: driving Argegno – Ossuccio
14:10-14:30: LIDO DI OSSUCCIO (Ossuccio Beach)
14:30-15:00: driving to Lenno, LENNO
15:00-15:15: driving to Villa Carlotta, VILLA CARLOTTA
15:15-15:45: ferry Cadenabbia – Bellaggio
15:45-17:00: BELLAGGIO
17:00-17:30: ferry Bellaggio – Varenna
17:30-19:00: VARENNA
19:00-20:00: driving Varenna – Como