Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

lakeside promenade in Lucerne

What does the Suisse in our company name mean?
Suisse is French for Switzerland. Switzerland has 4 language regions (German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic). Consequently, the name of the country can be spelled in 4 different languages: Schweiz – Suisse – Svizzera – Svizra.

How cold will it be in the winter?
Please do not worry. With appropriate clothing, it will not be too cold and you will get used to the cold soon. In February it can be anything between 20°C (in Southern Europe such as Italy) and minus 10°C (in the mountains). The typical average temperature in cities would be around 8 degrees. Even if the temperature in the mountains is colder, it will not feel that cold as the air is drier than the humid air in Asia. On a sunny day in the mountains, even minus 10 degrees will not feel very cold. However, you must bring appropriate clothing as detailed here:

How do we move between different places?
Unless stated otherwise we use public transport to move between different places on our tours. For larger groups, a private bus will be available and smaller groups can request a private driver.

Do I need travel insurance?
Insurance is not included in the tour cost, but we can assist you to insure yourself comprehensively for the full duration of your tour. Passengers are strongly advised to have full travel insurance.

What items to pack? How many and what kind of luggage should you bring?
Please see the detailed packing list and advice for luggage here:

How much cash to bring? (EUR & CHF)
We recommend you bring sufficient cash to buy the following things:
• Food (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner) is included on most days. To save time for travelling, meals will sometimes be picnicking style (bought from take-away or supermarket, see itinerary for details). These picnic-style meals are usually not included in the tour cost, and we recommend you bring cash to buy those meals yourself.
• You may want to bring around 5 EUR per day for extra food, in case you are hungry before we go to eat in the group or in case you order some more expensive dishes of your choice in the restaurant that are not included in the tour budget.
• The most important sightseeing attractions and activities are all included. There are daily options for additional activities that you can choose from, and these are not included in the tour price (see itinerary for details). We recommend you bring cash for the additional activities you may want to do (see itinerary for the cost of those activities).

Can I use EUR in Switzerland, or should I bring CHF?
You do not need to bring Swiss Francs (CHF) as in most places in Switzerland you can pay in EUR. It is common practice that some places outside the big cities will charge you a 1:1 exchange rate and give you CHF back. The exchange rate is slightly worse. If you care about this, please exchange CHF as well or simply pay by card.